Inspike is a young ,dynamic and creative company born with it's roots in the Silicon Valley. We are able to treat and manage every phase of our business, ensuring quality and reliability to the customers.

Chrome iPad
Scalable on all Devices.


The web has become an essential working tool for all types of business that wants to be modern and dynamic. A well structured website , with a great design and easy to manage becomes a quick and easy accessible window to the market.

Graphic Design & Corporate Identity.


A well-defined and coordinated corporate image, allows you to give your company a homogeneous visual communication, able to convey to the public a better understanding of the product that you want to present and sell successfully.

New Automation System


In an environment of constant technologies evolution of technologies for controlling and managing industrial machinery, Inspike plays his part in developing cutting-edge software able to organize production systems to be efficient, flexible and automated.

Our Latest Works


Plexus - Easy Automation

Plexus is an amazing and robust device developed and designed in the Silicon Valley. Thanks to it's features, everybody can automate a machine without buying and using the old PLC system.